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Postage Stamp Charm Swap!

I’ve signed up to participate in the Postage Stamp Charm Swap hosted by The Curious Quilter! While I do not necessarily consider myself a beginning quilter, at least, not in that I’m clueless, I have actually made very few quilts, and don’t really have the stash to cut up and swap a couple hundred squares for the swap. And I am a complete newbie at doing postage stamp quilting! So I’ve joined in the Newbie Gift section, which is actually a gift to me. Hopefully, by the time one of the later swaps rolls around this year, I will be able to participate in an actual swap, but this will get me some squares!

I’ve signed up for 2 inch squares, because anything smaller seems suicidal – I’d never finish anything! I’d like to do a lap quilt, but may start with a simpler project like a tablerunner. We’ll see! In the meantime, I’m cutting stash scraps into squares as well! I’m trying to cut 3 of each fabric if I can – this is working well with my Rainbow Dear Jane fabrics, since I usually have plenty left over when I make each block. This will give me some to swap, and some to keep! Still need to get a box to store the squares in.


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  1. Glad you are joining the fun! And welcome to the world of blogging. Actually, if you have the fabric, I encourage you to cut 6-10 of each fabric. More to share, and you CAN have duplicates in a quilt if you are impatient!! Check out all the other PSQ goodness on my blog…

    – Mary, The Curious Quilter

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