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Flower Moon Goals (belated!)

May’s Flower Moon was on the 5th – and it was a supermoon! I had every intention of going out to take a look, and howl at it, all that, but utterly forgot once I got done with getting kids in bed and all that good stuff! Boo.

Let me begin by recapping what I managed to complete of my last list of goals for the April Pink Moon.

  1. Finish knitted scarf
  2. Knit a dishcloth (I did two)
  3. Quilt my cherry lap quilt  (completed the day of the new full moon – does it count? Sure.)
  4. Finish first set of Dear Jane blocks – I’m already a couple months behind. Yikes.
  5. Move garden beds to where I want them and fill with soil.
  6. Plant cold-hardy veggies & fruits
  7. Organize kid’s toys and stuff into their rooms (slightly, at least.)

Not bad, right? Six out of seven completed, even if I did come right up to the line on a couple of them – at least they’re done! But oh Dear Jane, you’re getting no love…

This time, I have set the following goals to be completed before the next full moon:

  1. Complete at least 4 Dear Jane blocks, even if it’s not the full month’s worth.
  2. Survive 3 weeks of training at work, where I must be to work at 7 a.m. (I consider this a worthy goal.)
  3. Get cold-tender veggies planted (if weather cooperates – no freak snowstorms!)
  4. Finish binding Cherry Quilt
  5. Finish dishcloths for mother (should be done today, actually)
  6. Finish knitting my twisted rib sock pair (one sock to go!)
  7. Try out my doughnut maker
  8. Get extra rock put in goldfish tank
  9. Sew new owl apron from Spoonflower.com

Good enough for me! Let’s see how it goes.

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  1. All the best! Even if I make hundreds of such lists, I won’t be able to finish anything – lol! It just doesn’t work very well for me…

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