2016-2017 Homeschool Curriculum for 3rd & 5th Grade


Shopping for homeschool curriculum can be quite a task. I want to buy it all! There are so many fantastic options out there these days, with more each year. Little Bit be working on 3rd grade this year, her first year at home. She’s a pretty typical student, though young for her grade. Big Girl will officially be in 5th grade, but has academic and learning challenges that put her pretty much at the same level as Little Bit. Their curriculum will be mostly shared, though Big Girl is somewhat further along in the same math program (having started last year) and will be doing Latin as well later in the year. Our homeschool is inspired by classical and Charlotte Mason theory, and much of our curriculum – though not all – is in line with those styles. We are secular homeschoolers as well, so our choices will reflect that.

Language Arts:

Math & Logic:

  • Xtra Math website for math fact fluency (every day, including weekends)
  • Prodigy Math website for all things fun in math (2x weekly)
  • Math Mammoth 3 (3a and 3b for Little Bit, 3b and 4a for Big Girl) (3x weekly)
  • Various math & logic games, as well as logic puzzle books (occasionally)




Foreign Language:

Nature Study:


  • Piano, Recorder lessons (weekly, with daily practice)
  • Folk Songs (new song monthly) and Composer study (monthly) per Ambleside rotation
  • Music theory


Physical Education:

  • Swimming through the summer
  • Yoga (3-5 times weekly)
  • Meditation (weekly)
  • Various nutrition and health topics as they come up
  • Plenty of time to run and play outdoors all year

This looks like a TON when I write it all down, but we don’t do every subject every day, or even, for some of them, every week. Like Charlotte Mason says, I want to spread before my children a feast of educational delights. Perhaps something, somewhere, will spark curiosity and drive passion into their lives.